AutoM8it WinAmp and Meteor Caller ID Plugins

AutoM8it, have just released a WinAMP Output plugin to add to the AutoM8it suite of plugins.
The WinAMP output plugin is great for remote controlled music. Imagine having your favourite tracks playing through WinAMP over your speakers in the house, and being able to control them with X10, or via a Web Tablet PC in the lounge. Well thats what this plugin lets you do.
The plugin is an output plugin which can be triggered by the AutoM8it framework. Summary of features are:
Monitor WinAMP Execution and Playback Status

Auto Starts WinAMP if required

Closes down WinAMP when required

Send play commands to control WinAMP, such as STOP, PLAY, PAUSE, NEXT, PREV

Allows you to add tracks or complete play lists to WinAMP Playlist

Controls WinAMPs Volume settings

Go Direct to the AutoM8it WinAmp Page…

Yet another Plugin for AutoM8it 🙂
The Meteor CallerID plugin provides, Call Logging functionality through the use of a Meteor CallerID Box and CallerID enabled telephone line.
The plugin is an input plugin and can be used to trigger events upon receiving a phone call from a particular number or any number. Following is a list of the features is provides:
Call Logging, with date/time of call, call number and name

Address Book and names, telephone numbers, email address’

Event Triggering upon receipt of any call or from a particular number

Web interface, details call log, events and address book information

Download the latest plugins here – AutoM8it Winamp Plugin   :   AutoM8it Caller ID Plugin

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