Chipmunk AV Controller Software

“Chipmunk AV Controller is a new Windows.NET application for controlling audio visual equipment. Chipmunk communicates with connected devices via plugins. Commands are created; and events learned using a graphical user interface.

Chipmunk includes 5 plugins: RS232 serial, USBUIRT infrared, Remote Control Server (capable of running on a wireless network), Event Scheduler, and an On Screen Display.

The shareware comes with a Visual Studio.NET SDK for developers to create their own plugins. Chipmunk also incorporates a Lua scripting engine and code editor for further extensibility… The product also includes a free software remote control which can run on portable devices running the .NET Compact Framework. A graphical remote control designer application enables you to create remote controls without having to write any code.

Futher plugins are planned, including: Windows Media Player support, a web server for web based control, and a VFD/LCD display driver.”

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