Command Cubes – Smart Home Media Jukebox Software

“Command Cubes has been in development for over 4 years and is the first multi-media jukebox software of its kind! Command Cubes solves many problems found in today’s multi-media jukebox software packages by utilizing the latest in Distributed Home Media Technology.

What’s All the Talk About? – You can now connect your stereo or your full house audio amplifier to any computers within your home. Once you have installed the server software on your home network the Command Cube clients are able to send their audio and video to any remote zone on the network. This configuration allows you to have an audio server in a centralized location within your home and have multiple touch screen interfaces anywhere throughout your house. You can even go wireless and use a tablet PC or SMART display.

  • Unlimited DMT Zones
  • Unlimited DMT Clients
  • Centralized DMT Architecture
  • 3rd Party Development SDK
  • Supports Over 20,000 Files
  • Supports Audio and Video

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