Control Winamp from £100 Touchscreen

Spanish programmer “PadrinatoR” has release DSAmp v1.0, an application (complete with source code) that allows the Nintendo DS (NDS) to be used as a touchscreen remote control for WinAMP on a PC.

“DSAmp lets you control Winamp from you DS. You only need a wifi connection and a DS with a flashcart/M3/SC/etc…(READ ON…) Features:

  • Open, close Winamp
  • Previous file, Next file, Pause, Play, Stop
  • Repeat All/off
  • Shuffling On/Off
  • Toggle Fullscreen
  • Show ellapsed/remaining time
  • Change volume
  • Show track title
  • Sleep mode (for Nintendo DS, like comercial games)
  • After 20 secs of inactivity, both screens are turned off.

(Server application uses the port 32123 for UDP connection)”

Download Here   :   Original Forum post

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