Elgato Introduce EyeTV v3

Elgato EyeTV 3

Recently at Automated Home towers, we got a new 24″ iMac for the kitchen.  When it arrived we added the wonderful EyeTV 250 Plus USB analogue and DVB TV tuner box and we were able to take out the huge old CRT telly we had in there.

Elgato have just released v3 of the EyeTV software with a new UI and lots of new features.  DigMo have just published their review of the software.

“Automated recordings using the built-in electronic program guide (EPG) have been extended exhaustively: A new, intelligent search function lets EyeTV 3 users combine multiple search criteria for refined EPG searches. Searches can be saved as Smart Guides.

These show up in the programs window sidebar and update on-the-fly, like a Saved Search in Mac OS X 10.5. Search results can optionally be recorded automatically. Users can also specify how many of these recordings they want to keep in their EyeTV Archives, similar to Podcast subscriptions in iTunes.

This is a great feature not only for recording entire series of programmes but we have set a smart guide to record anything featuring a favourite rock band and discovered they were appearing on Jules Holland ! The system really works.

Editing programmes to remove ads etc is now even easier on EyeTV 3.0 The video editor has been integrated into the player window as an overlay, no longer requiring users to exit the player window to cut and crop recordings.”

Read the full review here – www.digmo.co.uk   :   [Elgato.com]

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