Free Media Center Plugin Brings DivX/XviD Playback

This looks like a great free plugin for Windows Media Center that allows playback of DivX and XviD AVIs…

“One great thing with Windows Media Center is the all-in-one concept : you have all your pictures, music, videos and TV shows accessible from one remote control. Still, until the Vista Media Center, the customization was rather limited. For example, it was not possible to do a fast forward for “non-microsoft” encoded videos. And what about Matroska or AVI videos who have multiple audio and subtitle streams ? How to switch between them ? What about external subtitle files ? This is what this plugin brings and more. And of course all these features accessible from the remote control.  Features :

  • Switching embedded audio and subtitles streams while playing a video: works with AVI, OGM, MKV
  • Switching between external subtitle files (.SRT, .SUB)
  • Switching between FFDShow presets (audio & video)
  • Setting and loading bookmarks inside a video
  • Real fastforward (and rewind) exactly like in the TV module (with 3 different speeds)

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