Free Smart Home xAP Apps Updated

There’s been a huge amount of progress from James Traynor recently with new versions of many of his free xAP Home Automation applications being released.

“There have been quite a few updates over the last few weeks to various applications from including one brand new application.

xAP News3 has been upgraded to support Atom news feeds and, as can be seen in the screenshot, can now group news feeds together. This allows for a much more useful and clearer display of news and helps make new news items get your attention.

xAP Floorplan has had a huge set of new features added but the big new feature is the ability to add your own scripted web pages so you can use it to control and display in any way you like. Other new items include the use of Google maps to help set your lat/long, improved xPL bridging and many more script functions… xAP Speech, the text-to-speech application, can now run as a service, reports the progress of it’s speaking and has improved sound quality.
xAP Jabber, a connector between xAP and Jabber/XMPP instant messenger, has been improved with more per user options and better handling of alerts.

Four, the new application, is a chat bot. It integrates with xAPJabber, Floorplan, Switchboard,xAP Weather and allows you to ask questions like “Is the hall light on?”, “What’s the weather like on Friday?”, “What is Fred’s mobile number”,”turn the hall lights on”,”What is the answer to life, the universe and everything?” and it will do it’s best to reply. Because it links to xAP Jabber you can ask these questions from anywhere you can load a Jabber client which includes mobiles, PDAs, laptops, websites anywhere really. Also as Jabber can link, on certain servers, with other messenger networks you can ask these questions from AIM,Yahoo,MSM,Live. So never be away wondering if you left the lights on or off again!  All of the applications are available for free download”

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