Free Touchscreen Software Beta

eHome Creations have released a new beta of V5.0 of their free touchscreen client/server software…

“This is a public BETA release of Version 5 of eHome Creations ”eHome Digital Tools” A complete AVOD (audio and video on demand) touch screen system for the home including Touch screen video, audio, games, contacts, calculator, TV. browser. Free for non commercial use.

One of the most asked questions is how eHome Digital Tools fits in with Microsoft Media Center and other programs like Meedio, MythTV, TiVo etc… eHome Digital Tools is not a PVR, it is not meant to be just a AVOD system. It is meant to be pieces to a whole house solution with clients installed in the kitchen, master bedroom, garage and any where else you can think of and a system people can use without training. All on low cost, low power, off the shelf (or in the trash) computers the average household can afford.”

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