Free Windows Home Automation Digital Home Server

The latest V2.1.0.0 update to Soitjes Soit’s free Windows “Digital Home Server” application brings Home Automation functionality with its support for xPL and RFXLAN…

I just released a major update. What started as a multimedia application is now a full blown home automation solution. I released modules to manage devices, create rules, schedule events and create charts with sensor data. It’s an xPL-based application and works out-of-the-box with the RFXLAN (xPL version).

This is not a bunch of scripts that require a lot of tweaking and knowledge from the user, it’s a fully functional application. I always had two major concerns with home automation software : either they are ugly, or very complex to set up. The system targets users that don’t want to be bothered with technical stuff, but would rather focus on the automation of the house. That why I have this mix of multimedia and home automation, because I don’t see home automation as just turning lights on and off.

Digital Home Server is free software but if you like it consider a small donation to the author.   :   Soitjes Soit’s Own Digital Home Server Setup 

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