Freeware Home Automation Software

Im working on some home automation software (I know there are products like HomerSeer etc on the market – but ive got an interest in both HA and programming and thought id have ago at writing my own. Im planning to release it as freeware to anyone who is interested, ive based it on an open architecture where plugins are used to trigger events and send event etc and a Central Logic processor performs processing… I will be providing open source for the plugins to allow users to add their own and therefore hopefully allow all devices to be supported. Initially i will be releasing and X10 plugin, a WinAMP plugin (to contorl WinAMP), a scheduler for temporal events and an WindowsAPP controller for starting/stopping windows apps etc, a POP3 and SMTP plugins to allow mail retrieval and mail sending.

Ive done this becuase one of the biggest problems with HA software is their lack of support for new/one off devices – Using this architecture will allow these problems to be overcome (im also hoping to provide a bucket load of plugins overtime to support a vast quantity of devices – subject to me getting hold of the devices.) There a little more info here…”

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