Harmony Introduce Trio of Smart Home Upgrades

iDomus have added a raft of new features, plugins and extensions to their Harmony home automation software suite. The three new areas now covered by Harmony are Voice Recognition, Infrared Control along with a new PDA Interface…

Voice Recognition – Harmony Voice Recognition is a software package that allows you to use speech commands to control your Harmony system. It is unusually simple to use in that it is speaker independent. ie you don’t have to spend time training it to recognise individual voices. This also means that the system can be used by multiple people within the same household. The system defines a set of commands to allow you to control Harmony, such as “Set Scene Away”. To prevent accidental triggering the system defines a “trigger phrase” that you can use before issuing commands – so you can be sure that you won’t accidentally turn things on and off when you didn’t mean to…

Infrared – Get fingertip control with Harmony v5.2 and the new Infrared Extension.  The new Harmony Infrared Extension is a complete package of hardware and software which allows you to send and receive infrared commands via Harmony. Simply install the software, plug the infrared transceiver into the USB port on your PC, and you are ready to take control of your home via IR.  Use Harmony to control devices or trigger events via remote control. This means that a remote can now not only turn on your DVD player but set in motion a chain of events to get the mood just right: the blinds lower, projector screen drops, the TV switches on, lights dim, and the coffee machine starts to brew. In fact virtually any of the codes used in modern day remote controls can now be sent from Harmony.

PDA – Harmony has developed a brand new PDA Extension which enables you to access your home control system directly through your wireless PDA or Windows mobile phone.  This clever software extension gives you the ability to see the status of your home and control it from wherever you are via the PDA interface.  For example, you are going to be home earlier than planned – Harmony PDA Extension allows you to “dial up your home” and switch the oven on and advance the heating ready for your evening, all at the touch of a button from your train seat!”

Harmony Remote Range   :   iDomus.co.uk

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