HomePanel – Remote Interface for PC and Web Tablet

Submission by Keyvan Rahimian

I found this on another discussion. It may be of interest HomeSeer and Slink-e users: The new HomePanel 1.01 interface free for you to use. Features include:

  • Free and totally open-source.
  • Allows up to eight Progear or other TabletPC remote control devices at one time.
  • Controls HomeSeer remotely by executing direct X10, HomeSeer events, and IR commands (if IR is setup in HomeSeer).
  • Is a full featured and multi-channel MP3 jukebox.
  • Built-in Web interface with quick link buttons.
  • Changes in 1.01:
  • You can disable any particular screen. For example, if you do not have Homeseer you can just run the Web and the Winamp screens.
  • You can now specify the startup screen. – Several new functions for HomeSeer users and two cutom text boxes for things like Sunrise, Sunset, SystemUpTime, etc.


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