Idratek Cortex v21 Supports Slim Devices Squeezebox

Idratek have just released V21 of their Cortex home automation software.”Hot on the heels of V20, Cortex V21 introduces several new major features as well as many other additions and improvements.

This new release has direct support for the “Squeezebox” by Slim Devices, which includes control of Squeezebox functions as well as acting upon received status information from it. Arbitrary IDRANet system data can be displayed in text form on the Squeezebox VFD – a great addition to the existing spoken output via audio units… Cortex V21 also introduces support for IDRATEK’s forthcoming information display modules.

Other notable features in this release include the ability to create 24 hour lighting scene profiles (applicable to individual/multiple lights) and the introduction of a user definable logic object. Also improvements have been made to the Cortex GUI for users with touch screen interfaces.
Existing customers can upgrade to Cortex V21 for free, however the Squeezebox support module is subject to a modest license fee in line with other option modules. Further details on the new features can be found HERE.

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