Idratek Introduce Raft of New Smart Home Features

Idratek have released V20 of their Cortex software. Amongst the many improvements and additional features are support for Rako products, SMS messaging via Skype, new video capture and management capabilities and two new hardware modules

“Amongst many new features, this version introduces support for Rako Controls wireless dimmers and associated wall panels (see: The interface to Cortex is by means of the bidirectional RAV232+ module (from Rako Controls). Cortex V20 also sees the addition of SMS messaging via Skype (augmenting the existing ability to place or receive Skype calls from an IDRANet MFP module). This feature provides a means for low cost SMS reports to be issued by Cortex upon a wealth of user defined events..

Cortex video camera handling has also been substantially enhanced. Record pre-arming and rolling buffer techniques now ensure that you can capture video prior to the trigger event. Pre-trigger duration is user definable and mainly constrained by available computing resources. The video playback/review tools have also been extended considerably with a new user interface including a timeline tool for quick review of the amount of captured data and to allow you to quickly navigate to a particular capture time. Also playback tools now include forward/reverse at variable frame rates and the ability to easily send a frame snapshot to your preferred image handling application.

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A new FTP tool allows either video or other data to be automatically uploaded (immediately or scheduled) to remote servers for extra security.

IDRATEK have also introduced two new higher integration sensory modules (PTS-001 and PTH-001) to their fold. These provide PIR+Temperature (= PRS+DTS) and PIR + temperature + Relative humidity (=PRS+THS) functions respectively. The SLD-001 module specification has also been improved with the addition of a second button and 2 digital inputs. These modules will utilise the new ‘product code less’ frontages.

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