IDRATEK Introduced Support for Utility Metering

Idratek have contacted us with news of the additional of a very useful, and often requested feature to their Cortex software…

“IDRATEK have introduced support for utility metering. This comprises two aspects: 1. Introduction of pulse accumulation capabilities to digital input modules (in order to interface to pulse output meters). 2. Introduction of metering and multiple metering objects into Cortex (which of course then integrate into everything else provided by Cortex).

Currently the only applications in use are electricity metering. For UK installations a cost effective meter we have trialed ourselves is the Ampy 5196B (~£35 exc VAT & p&p). In the US the ‘Denali’ model from EZmeter is confirmed as suitable. The Ampy is an in-line device whereas the more expensive Denali uses current transformers.

The pulse count feature can be ‘retro-fitted’ to existing fully reprogrammable modules (such as QRI, QRH and MFP series). This is simply via a free firmware update which can be done in-situ via IDRANet. But also the feature will be gradually introduced into newer versions of other modules with digital input capabilities. Existing or new customers can contact us for suitable firmware files or related queries.”

Idratek Metering Info Page

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