IFTTT Launch New Channel for Honeywell evohome

If This Then That is turning into a really interesting home automation controller in the Cloud.

The new IFTTT channel for Honeywell’s evohome smart home heating system will bring even more users into the fold.

Now evohome can work with the 134 connected products and services – from weather services and iOS/Android locations to calendars and even sports apps, allowing users to have even more control over their connected home – and home heating.

Now you can turn your Netatmo into a weather compensator for your heating system for example.

At launch, the evohome channel will have plenty of useful actions, which could generate these other ‘recipes’ examples…

  • IF you exit a specific post code, THEN turn off your heating
  • IF the temperature outside drops below 5° Celsius THEN turn your heating on
  • IF the temperature outside rises above 25 degrees, THEN turn off your heating
  • IF it starts snowing THEN set your bedroom to 22 degrees
  • IF my calendar says I am on holiday, THEN set your evohome to turn off the heating

IFTTT Honeywell evohome App

Jeremy Peterson, general manager of Honeywell’s EMEA Home Comfort & Energy Systems division, said: “We are really excited to expand the level of control that users can have with our smart thermostat by making evohome even more connected – and this is just the beginning. Over time IFTTT support will enable us to have even deeper integration, and use evohome as the trigger for other channels. For instance, users will be able to dictate: ‘IF evohome says that it is above 22° Celsius in the nursery, THEN send me a text message.”’.

getconnected.honeywell.com  :  ifttt.com  :  First Look at evoHome

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10 Comments on "IFTTT Launch New Channel for Honeywell evohome"

  1. This is a great looking device that seems to have all the functionality you could ever want or need to control your heating. The big question is though, will we ever se it in the UK?

  2. Phil,

    I might be mistaken, but I’ve had one in a box in my loft waiting for me to install it for MONTHS!

    I might get round to installing it this weekend as we’ve started using the heating again.


  3. This looks exactly what I am after and if true will be the swaying vote for which heating control I go for. However there’s little mention of how to implement this and Phil’s comment suggests it’s not released (at least to UK).

    ok while writing this I decided just to sign up to ifttt and honeywells connect and seems like its all ready to use but as I don’t have a evohome setup then I cant test any further but looks promising

    🙂 might take the plunge and buy the evohome


  4. been on sale for a while now

  5. EvoHome is definitely available in the UK – it was one of the first places it launched. Some of the larger B&Q stores should have them stocked plus you can find online stores that stock them from their website here:


  6. I have Evohome controlling my heating and hot water. It is brilliantly simple to operate from either the controller or Total Comfort Connect app (IOS and Android). I have signed up for IFFTT but I am not sure what added functionality this will give me but I will give it a try.

  7. With Evohome, I’m on my third generation of wireless radiator control. It is really excellent. It suits homes where rooms are used at different times in different ways. So for example, the kids’ bedrooms heat up earlier in the evening than our bedroom. The sitting room gets heated in the evening, but not the morning etc. And I can see if the spare room heating is still on from the weekend when we had Aunt Flossie round.

    I have great mistrust of solutions like Nest because they force heating to be all on or all off, rather than only heating the rooms you need at the time. And also because devices which think for themselves are harder to anticipate reliably and are likely to make mistakes.

    My wife can’t operate it, but then she doesn’t understand normal thermostats either (in the car it’s either full on or full off). I think it is a well-thought out interface, and deliberately limited for simplicity.

    It has surprisingly good wireless range.

    IFFT could be a big bonus, as I have been pushing them to introduce room by room sub schedules and geofencing. So for example, when our son’s iPhone gets within 5 miles of the house, then his room rejoins the main schedule, instead of just the one room being in holiday mode.

    But it will have to work well before I let apps drain my phone battery by watching constantly.

  8. IFTTT is my favorite new app. It will be a great integration for Honeywell.

  9. Just bought Evohome. Waiting for a gas engineer to move out boiler and will test out to see if it fulfills our dream of comlete individual room thermal control.

  10. Can the Evohome system control the on-off of the boiler and the control of the 3-way valve ? If not, then how should this be done ?

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