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Linn have just announced the introduction of their new home cinema system control interface that runs on Pocket PCs – “In an exciting new development, Linn announces a unique new home theatre system control interface that runs on Pocket PCs.

KINIK (pronounced ‘ki-NEEK’) is a Linn-designed GUI that enables wireless control of the Linn KISTO system controller (and soon the Linn KINOS system controller) and any source components connected, via a Pocket PC.

KINIK operates on many Pocket PCs running Windows Mobile 2003 SE or Mobile 5 and is exceptionally simple to use, with full set-up possible in just a few minutes.

This new interface will control all Linn source components with RS232 compatibility, and also non-Linn sources including CD and DVD players, satellite and cable receivers, controlled by KINIK via a Linn DEKODA IR translator.

KINIK provides instant two-way communication between user and system, allowing the feedback of track, volume and source information on the screen of their Pocket PC. In addition, because KINIK is a wireless application, it can be used anywhere within the range of a suitable router, offering extremely flexible control of any home theatre system.”

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