MCE Critical Update

Microsoft have released a critical update for the Windows XP Media Centre Edition.

This critical update for Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2004 enhances the stability and performance of Media Center Edition 2004 and resolves the following issues:

Terrestrial Digital Broadcasting Services: Channel lineup editing now supports editing on a per-channel basis.

Back to back recordings no longer cause the second recording not to be recorded.

Program Guide:
Windows XP Media Center Edition 2004 now pauses for 30 seconds after it resumes from Standby before it tries to update the Program Guide.

After resuming from suspend, you no longer see a black screen. This update fixes several video errors that occur after resuming from standby.

Reveal Text will remain onscreen until it is turned off.

TV Playback:
You can now stop VCD playback without stopping any TV recording that is running in the background.

Software installations are now not delayed when you record a TV program in the background at the same time”.


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