mControl V1.4 Supports Z-Wave

mControl, the Windows Media Centre Edition Smart Home plugin from Embedded Automation has just been upgraded to version 1.4. With the upgrade comes support for the Z-Wave wireless mesh based home automation modules.  Registered users of V1.xx can upgrade for free, or new users can download a 30 day trial.

“mControl v1.4 is now available with brand new features and functionality.

INSTEON enhancements:

  • Confirmed support of ICON Switches (INSTEON 2876DB & 2876SB)
  • Enhanced support of macro-triggering and screen updates for SwitchLinc and KeypadLinc
  • Added support for Preset Dim and Ramp Rates
  • Improved robustness for receiving X10 commands

Added support for the Z-Wave protocol and associated devices:

  • Support for PC adapters operating in either primary and secondary controller mode
  • Added support for multi-level/dimmable (lamp) devices, thermostats, and binary (appliance) devices
  • New Z-Wave Controller utility. This utility allows for convenient configuration of Z-Wave controllers.
  • Added support for Preset Dim

Added support for RCS Thermostats:

  • TZ16 Z-Wave Thermostat
  • TXB16 X10 Thermostat

Added support for additional security cameras:

  • D-Link DCS-900
  • D-Link DCS-900W
  • D-Link DCS-3220
  • D-Link DCS-3220G

New mControl Editor Utility-beta. This beta version supports the following functionality:

  • Viewing mControl Zone and Device data in a grid/tabular format
  • Allows for easy addition, deletion, and editing of Zones and Devices

New mServer Service Controller Utility. This utility allows for convenient control of the mControl Automation Service.

Enhanced support for CM11A/CM12 X10 adapters to allow for the ability to receive incoming X10 messages. This functionality allows for real-time status updates, device macro triggers and thermostat support

The latest version of mControl is now available to both existing and new customers at no charge.

  • Existing customers are entitled to all upgrades at no additional charge within the v1.xx lifecycle
  • New customers can enjoy all of mControl’s features, free, for 30-days”

mControl @ Embedded Automation

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