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“Freestyle” technologies will enable you to enjoy the Windows XP media experience you want comfortably and easily from anywhere in the room. Video – With “Freestyle” technologies for Windows XP, you’ll have a new remote control and a new user interface to easily browse, select, and play DVD movies, home movies you’ve created, and TV programs you’ve recorded.

It is time for a well-deserved study break. You save the report you’ve been writing on your Windows XP PC, get up from your desk, and stretch out in your favorite chair. Using your PC remote control, you bring up the “Freestyle” menu and start a home movie that you’ve edited using your PC. Gradually, you begin feeling more like relaxing and less like going back to writing the report. With a few more clicks on the remote control, you turn up the volume on your PC and switch from the video to a DVD movie.

Microsoft eHome

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