Microsoft – X10

“Microsoft is nearing its goal to have all manner of home equipment join a network, with a hardware and software developer kit due by the end of the year to let companies link everything from light switches to refrigerators to computers”… To accomplish this task, Microsoft advocates use of a standard called Simple Control Protocol (SCP), a communication method that lets different devices find each other and control each other.

In combination with Israel-based Itran Communications, Microsoft will release an SCP developer kit by the end of the year, said Larry Buerk, a lead program manager of Microsoft’s eHome division….Microsoft will license SCP to others royalty-free, Buerk said. “We’re trying to make that the standard in the market,” though there are competitors such as the years old but very basic X10, the more recent Cebus and Sun Microsystems’ Jini. While Jini attracted early partners such as Whirlpool, Sun has been recasting Jini as better for governing software processes on servers than gadgets.”

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