MusicLobby v1.50 Released


Submission by Mario Cascio New Features and Updates to MusicLobby 1.50

> Completely new MusicLobby Plugin for MediaCenter/MediaJukebox
> Faster Response Times (especially with larger collections)
> View and Control Multiple Zones (requires MediaCenter 9.0)
> View Playlists
> Drag Scrollbar slider for faster movement through lists
> Now playing list continuously scrolls on holding up/down buttons
> Volume Slider
> New User Customization Panel (Scrolls Up)

– Show/Hide Volume Control
– Show/Hide Elapsed Time
– Show/Hide Zone
– Option to list the currently playing song at top of playlist
– Shuffle Playlist
– Continuos Play On/Off
– Mute On/Off
> Adjust Colors/Transparency of Display items
– Transport control back
– Volume Slider
– Progress Slider
> Define Server Domain and Port within MusicLobby
> New Status light shows whether you’ve connected to MediaCenter/MediaJukebox
> Autoconnect (Load MusicLobby first then MediaCenter – MusicLobby will autoconnect when possible)
> Define and setup Internet Radio stations in the MusicLobby plugin within MediaCenter/Media Jukebox and you can view them from within MusicLobby
> Keyword Search Capability
> Popup on-screen keyboard for touch displays prior to Search
> Quickly jump to any top-level scheme with new Scheme buttons
> Updated graphics provide sharper imagery when scaled
> Add your own background skin
> Scheme View back button now iterates in reverse through each step you’ve taken instead of going back to the beginning.
> Valet mode (Shows cover art for previous/current/next track)
> mlblank.jpg – configure your own replacement image when no Cover Art is available
> Bonus : New Background Skins that will work with MainLobby & MusicLobby

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