My Movies 2.0

Probably the most popular plugin for Windows Media Edition has just been upgraded to v2.0 – “Brian Binnerup, author of My Movies is proud to announce the release of My Movies 2, one of – if not the most popular add-on application for Microsoft Media Center 2005, and still freely available for end-users, (development is funded based on donations). My Movies integrates with Microsoft’s Media Center Edition to let users easily index and access their entire movie collection in single or multi-room environments, regardless of where the movies are stored (remote or local hard drives, DVD changer or simply sitting on a shelf)

With the much appreciated help, feedback and testing from many users My Movies 2 delivers the most requested new features by the community, including support for Series/Box sets, multiple disc titles, personal categories, support for DVD changers like the Sony DVP-CX777ES DVD changer and a lot more… The new personal categories feature also extends the already advanced parental control functionalities of My Movies, where parents can now fully restrict what content is playable in each room based on their self created categories or by MPAA rating levels combination. This new capability makes it possible to require the user to enter the parental control pin to view the full movie collection or to enter it on a per movie basis.

A new internet trailer feature allows users to watch trailers for movie titles that may not be included in their own movie collection, by selecting trailers from lists of the most popular, most recent or random trailers. Along with the release of My Movies 2, a new System Builder program has also been established, giving System Builders and System Integrators the option to pre-install and deliver My Movies as a part of their Media Center solutions at a fee as low as $10 per installation – a program that already have been adopted by more than 25 companies. Full unrestricted licenses to source code are still available.”

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