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Here's some news on the additional features that will appear in the new version of the Harmony Windows MCE plugin due next month…

"Leading home automation software manufacturer iDomus, launches a brand new version of its Harmony Media Center Plug-in next month. Based on the award winning Harmony Home Automation Server, the new improved Windows Media Center plug-in gives extended functionality over the basic applications of lighting control.

The new Harmony Media Center plug-in has been designed to control and integrate a much wider range of applications including heating, lighting, security and CCTV. The enhanced product incorporates in-built CCT, IP camera and webcam/video source support.

The plug-in has the ability to run on a different PC to Harmony Home Automation server and now works with Media Center extenders. The new Harmony Media Center plug-in is also resolution independent supporting high definition TVs.



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Sporting a fresh design face, the graphics have been updated to adhere closely with the design specification of Microsoft Windows Media Center, incorporating a choice of skins. The ability to run scenes as well as execute macros is also now supported.

Control your home effortlessly with Harmony Media Center Plug-in. System requirements: Harmony Pro/ Gold software and Windows Media Center 2005 with update roll up 2. Priced at £24.99 ex VAT the new plug-in is available from authorised distributor, Simply Automate"


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  1. I have the Harmony Pro 2007, media centre add on running on my Linksys extender. Unfortunately, as the harmony software does not feature a on screen keyboard and my Linksys DMA2100 is only controlld by a remote, there is no way to wite an ‘.’ (fullstop) when it coms to entering the Harmony and CCTV server IP addresses.
    I have tried to join the Harmony forum three times on three different emails to ask for their help, but they never authorise my memebership, so I’m not sure where to turn for help on solving this. Obviously, if I cannot, then all the hardware and software have been a waste of money.

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