New Harmony v4.1 Released

Simply Automated have released a new version of their “Harmony” home automation software – Version 4.1 of Harmony has now been released. It contains some significant improvements including many of the things that people from this list have asked for and worked with us to develop – thanks for that folks.

New features

  • Download to CM12 – now you can download macros to the CM12 and run them with your PC switched off
  • For smaller configurations, Harmony can now be run FREE OF CHARGE with no time restrictions
  • Harmony nows runs nicely in the background from the “system tray” – and it doesn’t take up many resources
  • Automatic startup when windows starts
  • Revised user interface and simpler to use menu functions

Other changes

  • “Check for updates” option in options menu to save asking every time
  • Check name after device edit, macro edit, schedule edit and event edit
  • Check version number is less than web available one before download prompt
  • Taken out manual override functions – they never really worked that well!
  • Taken out check on device status before sending commands
  • Increased number of schedule actions to 5
  • Increased number of event actions to 5
  • Fixed bug to set Schedule and event action type switch to correct value when selected
  • Added facility to run schedules & events immediately if required
  • Added ability to run in the system tray
  • Added /silent command line parameter
  • Added control form to main screen
  • Fixed bright/dim bug when using small increments
  • Fixed display bug when handling more than 7 devices
  • Detect program running and tell user if it is already running
  • Change device statuses when an input is detected and update icons on screen


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