New HomeAutomator Release

Submission by Graham Howe – A new version of HomeAutomator is now available for download from the files area of the HomeAutomator group.  The following enhancements have been made:

  • PIN number is disguised (as per a password) when being entered.
  • Locations in the dropdown are indented to reflect hierarchy.
  • Detail text boxes can be hidden or shown to save admin screen space.
  • Classes can be flagged to indicate which are installed.
  • Commands will be limited to those matching installed classes.
  • A new command has been added to open up a URL (either in the main window or another browser window).
  • Hotspot command maintenance now allows class to be selected which will then restrict the command dropdown. The command drop down will determine which parameters are available.
  • Sequencing has been added to items within a style so that the order that they appear on the screen can be determined.
  • Current location page is shown as a default following login.
  • Images in maintenance screens now appear in the header section and are restricted in size to save screen space (they will appear full size when displayed to users of course).
  • As per Phil’s request, it is now possible to set a hotspot to be ‘repeating’ in which case it will transmit the same command(s) repeatedly whilst the button is ‘pressed’. The pause between repeats can be set for each button, so for example you can set a higher repeat for x10 Dim commands than for IR Volume commands. This feature relies upon detecting mouse up and mouse down events and I have not tested these on an ePOD or similar yet, however they do work in later versions of IE.

*UPDATE* I tested the repeating button on an ePOD this morning and it works fine!

There are some enhancements planned for release 1.0 which have not yet been incorporated:

  • Admin form validation. This is quite tricky because admin forms can allow multiple records to be added/updated at once, so it requires a bit more work on the javascript side. Also I have not quite finalised all the rules for the tables and fields, so this functionality will be added later.
  • Layout set functionality is in place, but the actual sets have not been designed yet. I need to find some time to create some more graphics before layout sets can really be built.

As always please submit any questions to the HomeAutomator Yahoo Group

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