New HomeZIX Home Automation Software – Free Trial

News of a new Home Automation software package has just been posted to our forums. A free trial is available for download and an introductary price of $24.99 is on offer…

“A new software with a variety of cool features has been introduced recently: Supports multiple technologies (currently Zwave, Insteon, and X10). HomeZIX enables automation features from different technologies working together to achieve broader functionality for your home automation. Easy to use. Simply drag-and-drop automation components on top of your house’s floor plan to build your automation network.

Interactive and intuitive. Device status and control are visual and interactive. User can also customize appearance of devices.

Supports IP web-based cameras. Populate unlimited numbers of IP web-based camera throughout the house to see what is going on in real-time.
Simple and Intuitive Zwave thermostat scheduling. Easily create multiple set-points to maximize the comfort of your home.

Virtual devices. HomeZIX introduces virtual switches and dimmers which provide greater flexibility to work with multiple devices.
Multiple and Independent Scripts. HomeZIX supports multiple scripts. Each one can run independently to control a specific task.

Especially, powerful advanced scripting capability. HomeZIX includes everything to compose, compile and run automation logic in C#, VB, the most powerful and popular programming languages. HomeZIX also makes it simple enough so that you don’t have to know all about C#, VB programming. With just a few simple lines of code, you can create very sophisticated control automation.”

Everyone can download free trial here (Original Forum Post)

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