PCBlastIR Software V2

Concept Devices in Scotland are working on V2 of the software for their PCBlastIR hardware. This will be a free ugrade. They are looking for beta testers to try out the new app before it’s released do if you’re a PCBlastIR user please get in touch with them… New Features in V2

60 individual IR Samples, in three groups of 20
10 Macro Keys that can have “combined” samples with various delays
– ie 1,55.5:22;21 etc
4 Data file shortcut buttons, that autoload specified IRD files
Optional coloured keys and labels/groups
Optional Black/white definable group labels
Optional coloured buttons for each group
Proper Use of Common-Dialog for menus ie File-Open etc
Can import PCBlastIR-1 type Dat files
Enhanced Red/yellow Display area to include debug data
Supports different “skins” via 600×300 Bitmap named file
Uses new data file extension of .IRD (Infra Red Data file)
Create IRD file associations for Windows Registry
WWW Hotlink to website & IRD database
Enhanced User GUI for XP
Use optional named sound Wav file
Multiple remotes via new folder creation
Help via HTML web Page Load
Detect and report required DLLs/services

Concept Devices – http://home.clara.net/conceptuk/

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