The PhoneBOT is a powerful software program that turns your PC and dialup modem into a revolutionary telephone answering machine for your home or office telephone!

What makes The PhoneBOT revolutionary is its ability to allow users to instantly retrieve and hear voice messages over the internet , from any web browser, anywhere in the world!!

The PhoneBOT will also send you an email or text message your mobile phone the second a new voice mail is left at your home or office- no more guessing if you have messages waiting… Here’s how it works… when your phone rings, The PhoneBOT announces the callers name and phone number using Microsoft Windows speech technology. It can even display the caller’s picture, or a custom image , so you can tell who’s calling just by looking at your screen!

With The PhoneBOT, you also can easily setup custom greetings and rings for known callers based on their Caller-ID info. Have fun with your friends by letting them hear a unique greeting when they call!

The PhoneBOT can log calls forever, so you can actually retrieve messages and phone numbers left months prior. Never lose another phone number or message again! You can even email the .wav file to friends or coworkers. Save those classic messages forever!

Setup of The PhoneBOT is a snap. All you need is a PC running Windows 2000 or XP and a compatible voice modem. Simply download and install the software, setup a few simple options and your PC becomes a powerful net enabled telephone answering machine. Finally, a tool that advances 70’s answering machine technology to the next century!

To see a demo of The PhoneBOT, check out the fast loading video . It’s a Flash animation so you will need the Flash 6 Player installed.


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