Play All Your iTunes DRM Songs on MCE

Would you like to be able to playback your entire iTunes library through the MCE interface – Including the DRM protected songs you have purchased! Take a look at “MCE Tunes”…

“What is MCE Tunes? MCE Tunes is a special plug-in developed exclusively for Microsoft Windows Media center which enables it to play iTunes music (m4a and m4p) files right from the easy-to-use Media Center music navigation interface. No more fumbling with a mouse and keyboard to find the right music to listen to! Simply grab your remote and find all your music – quickly and easily.

Is MCE Tunes legal? Absolutely! MCE Tunes does not “decrypt” any iTunes music and is 100% legal. Your PC must be authorized to play all protected music before you can use MCE Tunes.

How do I use MCE Tunes? Simply install MCE Tunes. After installation, the playlist sharing utility will appear. Select how you want your iTunes music shared with your Media Center music library. After you click ‘Share’ your music will appear in Media Ceter. If you constantly add a lot of new iTunes music, an automatic sharing option is also provided. Does MCE Tunes work with extenders like the XBox 360? Unfortunately the current version does not, but registered users will receive a free update to an extender-enabled version automatically.

What are the system requirements for MCE Tunes

  • Microsoft Media Center 2005 (with Update Rollup 2 installed from Windows Update)
  • iTunes Version 6.x or 7.x
  • iTunes Music (m4a files) or iTunes Music Store Music (m4p files)
  • All iTunes Music Store (m4p) files must be authorized to play on your PC”

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