Pronto & DDAR

Kieran Broadfoot has release details of his new script which automatically builds Pronto Panels for his Dell Digital Audio Receiver!

“MP3 Library generation for Pronto/Rio Receiver – Below is a perl script and associated bitmaps to generate a set of panels for the pronto which lists a complete MP3 library of your music on your Rio/Dell Receivers. Theres probably not many people who would want or need this but Ive found it resolves many of the issues associated with the Rio unit. Below are some screenshots to show what I mean.

An important note is that this currently only works with the Linux mock server but you still need a windows machine as well for the CCFtools (see below). I believe all the functionality I make use of for this is available within the windows software but I havent tested it. If you get this working with windows please let me know.”


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