Slim Devices Adds Support For Xpl

Just received this exciting news from the xPL boys – “The xPL Project Team are pleased to announce that the SliMP3 and SqueezeBox Ethernet music players manufactured by Slim Devices now have native support for the xPL protocol.

Support for xPL allows the players to integrate seamlessly into the home, allowing all aspects of the player to be controlled and monitored by any xPL-aware device.

Previously, those wishing to integrate a SliMP3 or SqueezeBox into their xPL environment required an additional connector application. Such applications are usually platform-dependent, and offer far less in the way of status reporting than a fully integrated solution can provide.

Integrating xPL support directly into SlimServer makes it instantly available to all platforms that the server software supports, including Windows and Linux, and enabling xPL support is as simple as selecting an option in the SlimServer’s web interface*.

AUDIO CAPABILITIES – All aspects of audio control are achieved using the audio.slimserv schema, which is derived from the audio.basic schema and offers the full set of commands that are available through the command-line interface, in addition to a few that are exclusive to xPL.

ON-SCREEN DISPLAY – The players will respond to standard osd.basic messages, allowing information ranging from caller ID to news headlines and weather information to be easily displayed. Users of the free xPLHal Home Automation Manager can easily extract information from web pages, RSS feeds etc. and display it on their players.

INFRA-RED – The infra-red receiver can be configured to operate in a variety of ways. It can either report each recognised button press as an xPL message, or it can be configured to act as a general-purpose infra-red receiver, transmitting every infra-red signal that it receives as an xPL message.

REMOTE CONFIGURATION – The SlimServer xPL implementation supports the full set of xPL Plug-n-Play configuration facilities,allowing configuration of all xPL-related options via a centralised Configuration Manager.

MORE INFORMATION – xPL support will be available in SlimServer v5.0.3, which is still under development. Those wishing to try out the xPL support immediately can download a copy of the latest nightly build by visiting: HERE.

If you have any suggestions on how the xPL support within SlimServer can be improved, please post them to the xPL Yahoo! discussion group: HERE.

* Requires installation of an xPL Hub. See the downloads section of for a suitable xPL hub for your platform.

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