SYS 1.5 – Object Oriented Home Automation Software

Submission by Keyvan Rahimian – I came across this item from a mention in the Nirvis discussion group. It seems to be the ultimate in HA software with a huge level of device compatibility.

It is based on a server/client model. Devices, scenes etc. are treated as objects which “bind” into the finished system. Lots of flexibilty on how the end-user front-end looks and behaves.  SYS utilizes an Adaptive Control Network (ACN) to coordinate interaction between devices, reducing complexity while increasing flexibility. The ACN lets you instantly integrate devices without defining behaviors for each one. It drastically reduces the time to develop custom solutions, eliminates most programming, ensures predictable error handling, and offers consistency for end users.

The price is high (compared to HomeSeer and similar products) at around USD 1,000. However, it seems to be an extremely flexible and scalable product. A good working knowledge of VB may be required to get the most from the software. However, at first glance it looks highly impressive. There is a trial version for download with save disabled. It also aimed at both the knowledgable user and (primarily) system integrators.

Even for those not prepared to spend that kind of money on software it is worth a closer look.
Funny how many of us HA fans will spend thousands on hardware but have a problem with software which is not free, bundled or costs more than USD 100.  Have a browse, and I shall be very interested in your comments.

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