Telcanto Release Latest Update

Telgen have just released new versions of their Tecanto jukebox software…
“We are pleased to announce the release of TelCanto Server and Pocket PC Client V1.2.0. This release contains many new features, some of which have been made available in previous beta releases. The following is a summary of the new features:

  • UPnP support – TelCanto Server can now act as either or both a UPnP Media Server and a UPnP Media Renderer. The Media Server support enables it to serve music to players such as the Roku SoundBridge and Netgear MP101.
  • xAP support – TelCanto Server supports the xAP Schema for Audio and Media Control V2.2. If xAP support is enabled, TelCanto will act as an xAP player, which may be controlled by another xAP application such as xAP Desktop. In addition, a new xAP player type is supported, allowing TelCanto to control a remote xAP player.
  • Command Line Interface – commands may be issued via a TCP/IP port to control the player and provide “now playing” status.
  • Extended internet radio station support, including Live365 and Radioio. These are available for selection both via the Pocket PC client and via the UPnP Media Server.

Support for FLAC files – these will be automatically transcoded to MP3 if playing via an Exstreamer, or to a UPnP player which does not support FLAC format.
You can download the new version from

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