Touchscreen CD Ripping for MusicLobby

In an effort to make music library management extremely intuitive in the home, Cinemar has released our own CD Ripping Engine for MainLobby. Although it doesn’t require MusicLobby it is the perfect compliment.

In the past, users were expected to interact with J River’s Media Center to add CD’s to their Library. Now the user can simply insert a music CD and view Album information, then rip directly from within MusicLobby’s attractive user interface. Cover art, track titles and tagging are completely automated as well as adding to your existing library within MusicLobby. The user can also select preferred tracks for ripping.


  • Supported ripping formats (MP3, WMA, OGG, WAV) Use J River Media Center to autoconvert to other formats such as APE
  • CD, cover art and track lookup
  • Automatic file tagging
  • Adds CD to existing J River Media Center library and MusicLobb
  • Rip to networked drive
  • Create multiple ripping stations (control ripping process from any connected client including wireless devices)
  • Auto-discovery of disc when inserted in drive
  • Increases overall end user experience
  • Simplifies the ripping process for absolute novice users (only 2 steps with onscreen prompts)
  • Ripping progress indicator notifies of disc completion and disc ejection
  • Touchscreen friendly
  • Define filenaming directory structure

1.MainLobby 2

SPECIAL OFFER: Includes free UPGRADE to MusicLobby 2.0 for existing MusicLobby users when available.”

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