Video: Stringify is IFTTT Alternative Smart Home Controller in the Cloud

Most people have heard of IFTTT by now, but perhaps not Stringify.

Stringify provides a multi-step logic controller in the Cloud and works with more than 500 products and services including Nest, Philips Hue, Ring, Amazon Alexa, Honeywell, Insteon, LIFX, Netgear and Google.

Up until recently an IFTTT Recipe has allowed one event to trigger one response. Stringify’s version (called a ‘Flow’) can fire a multitude of responses in a complex macro.

While IFTTT replaced their ‘Recipes’ with new ‘Applets’ last November, it’s still playing catchup to some extent. However it has the advantage of offering a web version, unlike Stringify where all setup has to be completed through the iOS app (an Android open Beta due in the next few weeks).

Right now IFTTT is probably easier to use with more hardware and services supported, while Stringify is more powerful but not as easy to use. Which controller in the Cloud have you chosen? Check out the videos below.  :

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  1. Stringify looks very promising. We live in pretty chaotic time and it can be hard to focus on the goals you have. Each tool that can help us to organize our life could be important.

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