Windows Phone App for the Honeywell Evohome System

Automated Home reader David Horn has just released a free Windows Phone app for the Honeywell evohome heating control system.

This app allows European Honeywell Evohome users to remotely control their heating and hot water system from their phone over the internet.

David tells us his app is completely free (no ads either) and was written simply because he was frustrated that Honeywell don’t provide one themselves. He also tells us it does everything the Android and iPhone apps can do plus a bit more too.

Features include the ability to view, control and override the temperatures of all your zones and hot water. Access to the “Boost” facility plus quick actions like ‘Heating Off’, ‘Away’, ‘Day Off’ etc.

David’s app is compatible with first and second generation Evohome systems as well as the Single Zone WiFi Thermostats (whether independent or as part of Evohome).

Check out the links below to the app plus our heating control forums.  :  Discuss this App in our Heating Control Forums

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2 Comments on "Windows Phone App for the Honeywell Evohome System"

  1. App looks very nice and takes advantage of the Windows Phone design principles. Great to see someone supporting the platform, makes me want to invest in Evohome

  2. This app saved me from buying an Android or Apple phone! Great work from the maker. App works great 🙂

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