X10 / Dallas 1-Wire Open Source Software

Open source, java home automation software, jHomeNet collects data from Dallas 1-Wire sensors and controls X10 modules. The team has just released version 0.2 of their application suite.

“Version 0.2 of the jHomeNet suite of tools was released on February 11, 2007. The suite includes the 0.2 release of the jHomeNet commons library, the 0.1 release of the jHomeNet UI library, and the 0.2 release of the jHomeNet server. This is still considered an early release and is intended to provide users a preview of features currently in development. Please download the suite and give it a try.. jHomeNet is a suite of open-source software applications that when used with hardware sensors and devices can be used to monitor and automate systems around your house. In particular, the jHomeNet suite of software currently includes a client and a server application.”


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