xAP SwitchBoard Beta 2 Released

James Traynor has released the next version of his xAP application – SwitchBoard.

“All things considered this is a big upgrade to beta 2. The most notable changes are instant messenger logging, much better address book, more events that trigger xAP sequences and now raw xAP support in each of those sequences. Switchboard can now monitor upto 50 lines and will now only let you dial out on free lines. One thing to note is that the new secure mode is active by default, this will cause all editing, deleting and config from remote pcs to be disabled. You will need to be on the server to make changes, this can be disabled from the config screen… Added in Beta 2

Handles 50 simultaneous lines. Outlook plugin sync for all fields, create new records from the web, but create them in an active outlook balloon popups on ends of calls Config screen now has a sub page where you can give different lines different icons, names etc Dial support for multiple outgoing lines.

Dial support detection, using the latest xAPTel XML icon down the bottom gives ie users what firefox users had, ie access to all intranet rss feeds fixed an error with the db lookups with certain incoming number delimeters.

Tosend file added to to include more functions Fixes Issues with withheld, international and payphone calls from meteor devices Add support for the alternate cid.incoming schema New and unknown calls no longer create “Unknown” records, it served no purpose and now you get the chance to create the contact in outlook Call log can link to online maps using either a general location from the std or using a postcode if found Added links to caller records in the In Progres section STDs are used to reformat the incoming numbers dashes are removed and a space is inserted Added config button to rebuild the call log map references Added local std option where if a number doesn’t start with 0, a set STD is added New and less ott delete icon Ability to tell xAP Speech to stop talking when the receiver is picked up (Requires xAP Speech 1.1+) STD database moved to a seperate file to aid updates without risk to the call log / address book Added functions to the xAP sending (ToSend.txt) to insert spaces or commas between number to help with Rebuild log actions added to the contact address edit screens to update the map reference information Contacts database now stores both the real number and a stripped number to help faster lookups and rebuilds Added a rebuild number button to re create all the stripped numbers Tray icon is now red during startup Tray icon changes if there are calls in progress Re-write to lookup code, should be faster now Contact record screen now alerts you to waiting changes that havn’t yet gone to outlook Database rebuilds now use the tray ballon (if enabled) to show progress Database actions set to do some housekeeping if the exe is changed xAP Source addresses in the line config now support wildcards Added IM display and logging Added Contacts screen A-Z Added option to silence TTS if any line is busy Contacts and IM displayed moved to seperate Intranet icons Added raw xAP sending to the tosend and tosendim txt files Added secure mode, when active all editing/deleting is not possible on any pc bar the server Detects loss of xAP and alerts you in the web Improved web interface loading and added auto refreses to some pages”


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