xAP Switchboard V1.0 Brings XBMC Caller ID Support

One of the items of smart home technology in daily use at Automated Home is xAP Switchboard. The combination of this FREE software and the Meteor Caller ID hardware provides us with a record of every incoming and outgoing phone call.

James Traynor, the developer of xAP Switchboard (and other free xAP applications) has just released V1.0 which takes Switchboard out of Beta. In addition he has added the capability to display Caller ID information on XBox Media Center…

“Switchboard makes it out of beta – It fixes an issue that stop the logging of duration on some outgoing calls. It also fixes a problem with the lookups of post code to lat/long used by the Google maps integration.

Switchboard 1 introduced the ability to send to the XMBC to display on screen incoming calls. To do this a plugin, script, is needed on the xbox. Based on the caller ID script from Rich-Hard you can now display telephone number, name, location and picture where available on incoming calls. The display works in any part of the XBMC including the menus and video…

xAP Switchboard V1.0   :   Meteor Caller ID Hardware www.pathwaydata.co.uk

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