XP SP1 – Mira

Microsoft expects to issue a final version of Windows XP Service Pack 1 sometime in late summer.

The service pack will also introduce support for new technologies — such as Mira “smart” display devices, Tablet PCs and the Freestyle digital media interface — and will radically change how much control consumers or PC makers have over middleware components… Consumers applying Service Pack 1 will only get a peek at one of the new technologies, Mira. Mira devices rely on the remote desktop protocol included in Windows XP Professional. Most consumers received Windows XP Home on their PCs. Only customers with XP Professional with Service Pack 1 will be able to use Mira devices when they become available later this year.

The updates incorporating support for Tablet PC and Freestyle, a second XP interface for accessing the operating system’s digital media functions via remote control, will be available only to PC makers installing the update.

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