Yanza Home Automation Software Now Free

Yanza have just contacted us to let us know that their latest software version has just been released, and now it’s available for free…

“The new version of YANZA HOME automation is now available, and what’s more, it’s now FREE.  YANZA HOME is designed to be ultra easy to use, allowing a typical home’s lounge lighting to be automated in about half an hour, and then controlled from a PC browser, PDA, or Microsoft Media Center.

As seen as this years smarthome show – the FREE version currently supports X10, and will have Comfort security access added in June, but please pre-register now to ensure we send you the update automatically.

You can also get the special X10 starter kit from Let’s Automate for less than £70 .

If you like the FREE version, we will be offering an upgrade path in the next few months, to include whole home automation, wireless lighting control, and security.  Register now at the YANZA website, and we will send you the FREE software.  Don’t forget, YANZA HOME Automation saves energy, making a greener world for all of us.”


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