MPlus ViewSonic Smart Display with Home Automation


MPlus is a relaunched company in partnership with ViewSonic. The new Airpanel V210 smart display is bundled with software for Home Automation and Media Management. The system can support multiple V210’s on a single pc.

ViewSonic’s airsync V210 wireless display with MPlus Home Control software opens the door to a whole new world of home entertainment and systems control. It’s the first easy-to-install, easy-to-use IP-BASED HOME CONTROL SYSTEM that offers affordable power and customization. Watch DVD movies from your personally-built DVD movie library. Arrange and display all your digital photography. Select and listen to music from your personalized MP3 playlists. Do all this wirelessly through the 10″ full-color LCD touch-screen display and its 802.11b link to the host computer.

ViewSonic’s V210 MPlus Home Control System is a POWERFUL SYSTEM THAT CAN EXPAND to control and automate the whole house, including home theater, lighting, drapes and more.

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