ShowShifter V1.70 Released

We’re very pleased to announce the availability of ShowShifter version 1.70. It is available from our regular download location. Here are some the new additions and improvements you’ll find in version 1.70… – Shiny new jukebox with playlist and visualisation support

  • New ShowShifter AVI includes multi-segment AVI support and dynamic audio sync correction
  • EPG integration for TitanTV (North America) and TVTV (Europe)
  • Converter now includes burn to CD feature (XP only)
  • ATI’s RF remote control support
  • Repeating scheduled recordings can now be temporarily disabled
  • More settings configurable through the UI, like SSF segment size, and pre and post-roll times for timer recordings
  • Background mode and improved standby mode
  • Much, much more…

ShowShifter Downloads

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