Sky Digital Software Release

Sky have started to release a new version of the Digibox Software. The software, which is believed to have been released to Digiboxes since Tuesday 26th September, has today been activated on several Digiboxes.

Earlier news suggests that only the Digiboxes manufactured by Pace have been activated. The new software changes the System Setup menu to display: Model: 1.2.4c , Operating System: 1.2S3Bu, EPG: 2.7g.2 . So far it would appear to be a software bug fix as the only real change we have witnessed is that pressing the ‘Interactive’ button now displays a menu allowing you to select Open…. A sign of more Interactive services to come.

Summary of Changes

1. Interactive Key
The Interactive key on the remote no longer takes you directly into Open…. Instead a menu is displayed which lists Open…. as the first choice.

2. Direct Channel Access Not Working When Battery is Low.
A suggested feature of the previous software released the half introduction of a ‘Battery Low’ indicator. Viewers experienced a problem where the Battery was low in the remote where they were unable to type in the channel number. This has now been corrected.

3. SkyGuide A-Z/TV-Link
The A-Z guide released in the previous software versions contained a bug which meant that viewers using the TV-Link eye to control the Digibox where unable to jump to a specific letter in the A-Z list by typing the relevant letter key on the remote. This has now been corrected.


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