Taboo Channels

No…not a word for films on channel 4 , but a word that describes TV channels that become unusable due to interference from existing ones… The rules are as follows:- Taboo channels are n+/-1 n+/-5 n+/-9.  For example if BBC1 is on channel 30 in your area then channels 21,25,29,31,35 & 39 are unusable.

So, why do you need to know this. Well, many of us are modulating our VCR, Satellite, CCTV, HomeVision etc round our home UHF systems. If (like me) you looked for spare channels on a trial and error basis then these rules will make your job a lot easier. If (also like me) you use these rules to draw a grid of numbers and then cross them out I have even better news for you! Thanks to the generosity and programming skills of the UK Home Automation community there is now a web page and VB app that will do the job for you! A big thank you to Ant Skelton and Ray Barnett for all their time and effort! Both projects are in the beta stages of development.

The Visual Basic application is available from the Downloads section.

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