Tech Frustration: Sky Q Nuked Inside 12 Months

Sky Q

Ah technology, how I love you, yet you still constantly let me down.

Our Sky Q system was installed on the 15th April 2016. On the 21st March 2017 it stopped allowing us access to our pay channels and recordings with an error message about pairing with the viewing card.

This was (un?)coincidentally the day we had a Sky engineer round to look at one of the mini boxes that kept dropping its connection.

Bad Box

A few days and several phone calls later (one almost an hour long) and we were no further on. A new Sky card posted out to us failed to fix the issue and finally an engineer called and ended up having to replace the box. By this stage a week had passed.

Could Do Better

As plenty of Sky customers know, getting a new box is a big deal because you lose everything you’ve recorded.

Probably worse than that though is the fact that you lose all your Series Links (season passes) too. But with our DVRs now connected to broadband, why on earth don’t Sky backup at least these Series Links to try to alleviate some of the pain in setting everything back up again?


We were originally offered a refund of just over £9 for all this inconvenience. It took yet another patient phone call and requesting a manager to get this to just over £40 – that’s still less than a single months bill however, so hardly generous.


A year ago Sky were keen to point out that the new Q system was just the start of an entire new platform.

But apart from the release of the accompanying phone app (that should have been there at launch anyway) and some minor software updates where are the new features?

We still love Sky Q, but come on guys, start backing up our Series Links and roll out some updates like Netflix and Amazon Video apps for users.

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19 Comments on "Tech Frustration: Sky Q Nuked Inside 12 Months"

  1. “A phone call almost an hour long”

    They’ve speeded up then

  2. Way back when the HD box came out I was right there but now couldn’t be less interested in Sky Q. Next door neighbour has it and was not impressed by features such as not having planner one button press away but a system that is geared to getting users to buy more services. Nice one Sky!

  3. @Fulltopuk – I still love our Sky Q system, it’s just disappointing that it didn’t even make it to a year.

  4. Sky Q has proved to be something of a disappointment. Almost a year on, we still have issues with sound drop outs and synchronisation. The smart remote is so smart that rarely an evening passes when it doesn’t do something that is unexpected. I just wish that there was more competition in this particular market.

  5. @David V – are you wireless or hard wired network with your Sky Q ?

  6. I’m not suggesting that Virgin’s TiVo system is generally any better (forums full of complaints) but they do at least allow you to restore series links when you have to replace a box.

  7. @Stewart F – Good to know , thanks for that.

  8. One of my old school friends work within the R&D for Sky Q and advised me to wait 6 months in January before I look into getting it.

  9. @Dave L – Interesting. I’ve loved it up until the hardware failure. I think it’s a great system, but could be much better if it was backed up and had the new apps we all want. Thanks.

  10. @Mark McCall. My boxes are all hard-wired. I can change the delay on a particular Sky channel only to find that I have to cancel it on another Sky channel. There are similar posts on the Sky Q community forum.

  11. @David V – Not good. We’ve not seen that, but agree about the remote.

  12. Having quite a few issues with Sky HD here so thinking about making the jump to Sky Q but this doesn’t sound promising

  13. @Jon V – I posted a link to this on Sky’s forums today. Not only was the link deleted, but my reply stating that it had been deleted was also deleted! Pretty sad to see and just another reason to dislike Sky. I can think of few other organisations that get away with treating their customers of 20 years plus that way.

  14. We wen’t on Holiday for two weeks earlier this month, came back Sky Q crashed on the second day and failed all recordings. Not only that, it then loses those series links…..b*****y frustrating.

  15. This is all putting me off Sky Q now. Anyone want to tell me how good F1 looks in 4K to swing me the other way? 🙂

  16. I have a top of the range LG OLED TV. If you are expecting an enhancement in PQ similar to that from SD to HD, then you will be massively disappointed. For the average person sitting in a room watching TV, the difference in PQ is marginal. Edges of buildings etc are undoubtedly sharper. I watched bits of Spectre in both 1080 and 2060, and I could see very little difference unless I sat very close to the TV which no normal person would want to do. 1080HD picture quality is very good.

  17. I have had Sky Q form the day of release. I install Sky into my Clients homes and so we always try out any new tech before we subject them to it. Based on my experience, we went out an forward purchased 300 SkyHD boxes in the hope this will see us out until Sky fix all the SkyQ issues. Yes, its unreliable. Yes, it has multiple issues and across a dozen of more test installations we have now done, nobody feels this is a step forward. My biggest issue remains the user interface and remotes which seem to have been created by an engineer rather than a User Experience team. Mostly it makes no sense. Yes, you can get used to it, but it makes no sense out of the box. I was hoping that a steady stream of improvements would appear but thats just not happened. It remains unreliable and poorly designed. In some cases, it will be the trigger for people to finally give up on Sky.

  18. Sky Q has been a bit of a nightmare for us. Have only had it a few months now but starting to wish I’d stuck with the standard HD/Multiroom service. Our Mini box seems to constantly drop connection which requires a re-start. I suspect there is a conflict between the SkyQ mesh network and our Sonos Mesh network but Sky don’t seem to be very clued up on that.

    Going to try linking the mini with a CAT6 connection to see if that solves the issue, but failing to see the real benefits of the system so far…

  19. Sky Q and Sonos Mesh. I went for a wired solution for Q as I wasn’t sure that Sky had taken into account other existing meshes.

    Sound drop outs and synch issues still persist. An engineer came out earlier this week and left after a box change. We still get sound drop outs. I see that the Sky Q thread on this topic is now over 70 pages in length.

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