Want YOUR House Featured on BBC Series?

I have been talking to Anthony Philipson from the TV Production company “Online Productions” in London. They are looking for someone in the 22-35 age range that has a gadget filled house! They were prepared to travel to Northern Ireland to use ours so they should be able to make it to most places within the UK. I’ve cut and paste his email below. Please contact Anthony directly if you’d like your house featured! Mark
Further to our telephone conversation here is more information about the BBC series I’m producing.

‘Born in the 70s’ is an in-depth exploration of what British 22 to 35 year olds really get up to… What do we eat, think, smoke and say? Who do we sleep with, where, when, how often and for just how long? How happy are we with what we’ve got and how hard do we work to change it? How do we feel about death and what are we most passionate about?

Starting from a brand new, comprehensive survey conducted throughout Britain, ‘Born in the 70s’ is filled with personal stories not only from the seemingly ordinary people who conform to every average, but also from the extraordinary people whose quirky extremes help to shape the attitudes and aspirations of this generation. It is guaranteed to get the audience talking, and as one of the highest profile programmes for the BBC, ‘Born in the 70s’ will have a media impact that reaches far beyond the screen.

One of the episodes deals with the home and the diversity of living spaces in Britain. With this in mind I am extremely keen to find an individual (in our age range) with the ultimate automated home full of high tech gadgets and equipment.

If you could help me I’d be extremely grateful. In the meantime good luck with your home and I hope to hear from you soon.


Anthony Philipson
Born In The 70’s”

0207 284 8184
[email protected]

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