New Loxone IR Extension Module Plus Free Online Video Tutorials

Loxone IR Extension ModuleLoxone have launched a new IR Extension device that sits in the consumer unit, like its Miniserver, which talks to up to 8 infra-red modules, that can be distributed throughout your home automation system.

The IR-module and 1 pair of transmitters as a set are €199 and then further modules (up to 8 per extension) are €79.  Loxone have started to run free online video tutorials and todays is on this new unit.  Check out the link below.

Loxone IR Extension Module“Our new IR Extension allows you to control TVs, projectors, air conditioning units and other IR devices. It also enables you to use an IR remote to control your smart home.

For many years now, infrared technology has been fitted as the standard control interface on many devices. TVs, projectors, DVD-players, music systems, air conditioning units and many other things come with their own infrared remote control.

With the IR Extension you can now control these devices from your Loxone system just like you would with their own remote control. We have not stopped there though. You can not only control IR devices with our Extension, but also receive commands from IR remote controls that you already have. This means you can now use the buttons on your TV remote to dim the lights, close blinds etc.”

[UPDATE] The online seminar is now available on YouTube..   :   Loxone Free Online Video Seminars

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2 Comments on "New Loxone IR Extension Module Plus Free Online Video Tutorials"

  1. A new product release is just as exciting for us at Loxone as it is for our partners and customers. During the build up our technicians spent weeks testing the new product and can probably configure it blind folded when it is launched. To pass on their knowledge and help you get up to speed with new products quickly we have started our free Online Seminars. You can either join us live or watch the recording a few days after the seminar. Today’s English seminar about the IR extension will start at 4pm. To take part simply follow the link above.

  2. I have to say that was the worst module that Loxone built, the new air IR is far superior!

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