Top 10 Smart Home Videos from CES 2016

The 2016 CES show was billed as the one about the smart home. With 56,000 sq ft of floor space given over to home automation, double that of the previous year, there was certainly plenty of new home tech to look at. Here’s a few of our favourites from the show floor.

Netatmo are famous for their smarthome weather station. Now they’re back with ‘Presence’ their security camera and light for the outdoors.

LG’s new SmartThinQ Hub uses AllJoyn to connect to other smart home devices over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Zigbee.

The modular ‘Segway Personal Robot’ is a funky little fella that’s due later this year in development kit form. Roll on the rise of the robots.

The sevenhugs smart remote is a clicker with a difference. It knows which device you are pointing it at and switches automatically to control it.

The $300 Brink solar smart lock connects to your WiFi for control by your iOS or Android smartphone and promises to integrate with SmartThings, Nest and HomeKit too.

Samsung’s plans for it’s SmartThings ecosystem include adding it to many of their 2016 smart TVs. Oh and a fridge with 3 cameras so you can see from the supermarket if you need milk.

Rings new $199 Stick Up Cam is being billed as ‘the worlds only outdoor wireless HD camera with 2-way audio’. A quoted battery life of 12 months between charges and a free replacement if stolen look like great selling points for this add-on to the Ring doorbell.

CES 2106 brought the return of the bonkers fridge, including this Samsung ‘Family Hub’ model with its 21.5″ Tizen powered touchscreen.

A look at the second generation Kevo Kwikset Electronic Lock with it’s unique ‘touch to open’ Bluetooth feature. You can send ‘e-keys’ to other users smartphones to grant them access as well as setup schedules and receive lock status reports.

Mashable give us a quick tour of the Whirpool Smart Kitchen of the future. Pie in the sky?


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